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Leading the HR Knowledge Revolution

In today's business environment, managing "people" issues has increased in frequency and complexity. It has become especially challenging for HR professionals and business owners to stay current with regulatory compliance and "best practices" principals - and obtain timely answers to Human Resources questions. As a result, ThinkHR replaces cumbersome tools, data libraries and internet searches with a radically simpler, cost effective method of accessing HR information and answers.

With its trusted Hotline and proprietary Answerbase, ThinkHR provides expert, practical Human Resources guidance and information from an experienced, "Live" HR Advisor. ThinkHR helps businesses of all sizes and industries save time, money and avoid costly risk and liability. So much information is published and produced.. and everybody hopes they find the right information at the right time to solve their needs... ThinkHR takes hope out of the process and delivers the right answers, right now.

Founded in 2004, ThinkHR is an independent, privately owned company headquartered in Pleasanton, California. We service thousands of enterprises nationwide, answering thousands of HR questions each month.