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Nevada Employment Law Update — May 2019

Employment Discrimination On May 21, 2019, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed legislation (S.B. 177) adding the following regarding right-to-sue notices and damage awards: Complainants alleging an unlawful discriminatory employment practice...
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Oregon Employment Law Update — March 2019

Portland Prohibits Discrimination Against Non-Religious On February 27, 2019, the Portland City Council passed Ordinance No. 189396, which amends the city’s Civil Rights Code (chapter 23.01) by adding non-religion such...
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Virginia Employment Law Update — March 2019

State Agencies and Breastfeeding On March 14, 2019, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed legislation (H.B. 1916) requiring the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management to develop state personnel policies that...
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Pennsylvania Employment Law Update — March 2019

Pittsburgh Expands Protections for Pregnant Employees On March 12, 2019, the Pittsburgh Council passed an ordinance (2019-1426) amending and supplementing the city code by adding language prohibiting employment discrimination based...
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