Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big believer in the value of the platform of record. Salesforce has done it like no other. If you integrate with Salesforce, you have an unfair advantage when selling your products, especially in the early days. However, at some point the Salesforce integration becomes a baseline and it creates no advantage for anyone…except Salesforce, and with APIs improving and data flowing more freely, even Salesforce is going to feel some pressure because you won’t be able to tell the platform from the App.

In the HCM space, 9 out of 10 SaaS companies are attempting to be the platform of record. The idea is laughable – if everyone intends to be the platform of record, then no one will truly be the platform of record and the unfair advantage associated with being the platform of record will be gone! Not sure how this will all shake out in the end, (and I’d love to hear from those who are more dialed into this) but let me tell you what I do like – an unfair sales advantage.

Welcome to the era of the system-of-engagement.

In this new world, technology is trusted and it drives deep engagement with employees, partners and customers. Why? Because people actually use it – everyday!

At ThinkHR, we are focused on building tools and technology that HR professionals as well as employees trust and love to use. The unfair advantage that ThinkHR brings will come from being the most trusted HR Knowledge resource for companies – employers and partners. People trust friends and business relationships alike – the ones that have stood the test of time and can be relied upon. Especially when the experience of engaging is always enjoyable, predictable and of high quality.

Who knows, our platform of trust could be bigger and more influential than the technology platform of record. Big, bold statement I know but the evidence is building.

Stay tuned for more.