Why Brokers Need To Go Back To Basics

Brokers today are facing immense, new challenges to stay competitive. Many find new technology players entering the market, challenging their unique value prop and recruiting away their business. The industry faces unprecedented disruption.

To stay competitive, brokers need to go back to the basics and focus on serving as a trusted client advocate.

To that end, our own CEO Pete Yozzo recently authored a post on BenefitsPro.com with four tips for brokers on how they can continue to win in 2016. Here’s a preview:

 Brokers are being challenged like never before to demonstrate their true value to clients and prospects.

Some view this as a daunting challenge, but I see it as an opportunity for brokers to continue creating client relationships that are even more productive, sustainable and profitable. 

 Here are four suggestions on how brokers can strengthen their competitive position to win in the year ahead and beyond:

  1. Re-emphasize the fundamentals of being a great broker
  2. Articulate your value to clients
  3. Invest 10 to 15% of your commissions in tools that save your clients money and time
  4. Establish a regular schedule of communicating elements of your offering to clients

To read Pete’s entire post and learn more about his four tips for brokers, click here.