How to Manage People Risks Caused by Marijuana and Opioids

As more states legalize marijuana and the opioid crisis worsens, employers must manage the resulting people risks to prevent issues such as absenteeism, workplace accidents, and increased healthcare claims that have already cost U.S. employers billions of dollars. 

Employee substance abuse is surprisingly common: Nearly 70 percent of illicit drug users are employed, and in 2018, positive employee drug test results reached the highest rates in over a decade.

Join ThinkHR’s experts for a free webinar to learn how to effectively and compliantly manage the people risk that employee drug use creates. We will discuss:

  • How employee substance misuse —particularly marijuana and opioids — impacts your business
  • The laws you must follow when formulating drug and alcohol policies
  • What expanded legalization of marijuana means for your business
  • How to design a comprehensive drug and alcohol strategy to address these challenges

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Meet the Speakers

Susanna Lauro

HR Advisor at ThinkHR

Renee Farrell

HR Advisor at ThinkHR