Real question from the hotline:

Question: How does a company handle personal domestic violence issues employees are experiencing outside of work? This particular situation involves both spousal and child issues.

Answer: As an employer, you are showing great care and concern for your employees, and that goes a long way to creating a positive employee relations environment. We recommend that you consider the following to assist your employees:

  1. Domestic violence situation: Offer the company’s support to the employee by referring him/her to your Employee Assistance Program provider (if you have this resource). The EAP can put the employee in touch with local resources to help him/her deal with the situation, including involving the police if necessary and securing counseling and a safe house if necessary. You may also wish to offer time off so that the employee can arrange his/her personal situation if that is appropriate and doable in your work environment.
  2. Child and violence situation: Encourage the employee to contact a child counselor, either through the health insurance plan or through the EAP, to better understand what is happening with the child. Again, if appropriate and workable, you may also offer time off so that the employee can resolve the issues surrounding this.