80% of employee turnover, which can cost a company 30% to 150% of an employee’s salary, is because the wrong person was hired for the job from the get-go. Poor hiring decisions or failure to implement diversity initiatives can also lead to discrimination or wrongful termination lawsuits.

Seems pretty gloomy, right? But there’s hope.


Here are some hiring tips to help you get the right person on board:

  • Make sure you follow fair hiring practices and train everyone on staff to follow them.
  • Ask only appropriate interview questions; For instance, did you know it’s never OK to ask questions about pregnancy during an interview?
  • Collect references and screen your candidates properly.
  • Perform an appropriate background check.
  • Verify that your candidate has the right skills for the job with a test or ask them do an assignment.
  • Know the company culture you want to cultivate and have the candidate meet with a variety of team members during the interview process to ensure there’s a good fit.

Hiring the right person can diminish the risk associated with employee turnover and lawsuits. Learn more about how to stem other HR risks; Download the What Could Go Wrong infographic now!