Question: How do I create an exposure control plan for OSHA’s blood spill regulation?

Answer: The OSHA website includes a great deal of information to assist employers with cases such as the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. The information however can be a bit difficult to locate.

You will find a summary of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, with a summary for review located here: Although the standard talks about needlesticks, it also covers all other type of Bloodborne Pathogen exposures. Number 14 on the list reviews the information that needs to be included in your written Exposure Control Plan.

There is also a page dedicated specifically to this Standard ( which includes everything you should need when documenting your plan. Specifically, selecting the tab “Evaluation and Controls” in the middle of the page will take you to a list of links regarding information on best practices, selecting PPE, model programs and general compliance with the Standard. The “Model Plans” section includes templates for creating your exposure control program. And if you scroll down on the Evaluations and Control page, you will find a list of recommended disinfectants and guidance on how to handle exposure incidents.

In addition, we also suggest contacting your workers’ compensation provider for further assistance and guidance with this process.