Question: What mandatory training must we provide to our employees in California?

Answer: Each employer’s training needs will differ based on the company’s area of employment. For example, depending on the size, industry, and organizational structure of the entity, the training topic requirements vary.

Employers are required to provide Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors in various states. In California, this is defined under AB1825 Anti-Harassment Training, which requires supervisors and managers with any hiring or termination responsibility for employees within the state to undergo a minimum of two hours of anti-harassment training every two years or within six months of assuming managerial responsibilities.

Anti-harassment training for employees, while not mandated by law, is highly recommended, as is maintaining an anti-harassment company policy where all employees sign an acknowledgement of receipt and understanding.

Federal and state laws do not require any other general training, but many federal and state agencies may require training based on a company’s business or industry (such as OSHA, Safety, DOT, etc.).