Our leaders regularly stay up to date on current news topics, as well as opinions from the leaders in their fields. It is important to know what is happening and what people are saying in the business world. Here is a great post from Mike Haberman suggesting that HR leaders must also be HR readers.

“In today’s business world HR professionals are stepping up to take executive and senior leadership roles. You cannot possibly think of everything yourself. You have to be exposed to the ideas of others, in business, in HR, in politics and world affairs and to life in general. The greater exposure you have to the ideas of others the better your ideas will be. And this exposure can most easily occur through reading. It does not require your attendance at a meeting. It can occur on a plane or in your living room or at the local Starbucks. The exposure to the ideas of others will give you a perspective on the world that will make you better positioned to take on leadership responsibility. You will be respected for you knowledge and education. But if someone asks you what books influenced you I would suggest you be prepared to answer.”


Source: Blogging For Jobs