Workers’ Compensation

On March 30, 2017, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed legislation (H.F. 518) amending the state’s workers’ compensation law. Among other things, the bill:

  • Addresses drug and/or alcohol intoxication by an employee.
  • Clarifies “date of the occurrence of the injury” to mean the date that the employee knew, or should have known, that the injury was work related.
  • Addresses employer offerings of temporary work to temporarily partially disabled employees.
  • Addresses reimbursement of an employee for the cost of a medical examination.
  • Revises weekly compensation information regarding injury to a shoulder.
  • Provides that attorneys may not recover fees for legal services based on the amount of compensation voluntarily paid or agreed to be paid to an employee for temporary or permanent disability. Attorneys may only recover a fee based on the amount of compensation that the attorney demonstrates would not have been paid to the employee but for the efforts of the attorney.

The bill goes into effect on July 1, 2017.

Read IA H.F. 518