Amy Gallo raises some great points about new job offers. It can be tempting to accept job offers right away, but it is important to weigh all the options and consider them carefully before accepting. Here are some of her important tips:

  • Shape the offer along the way: The offer phone call shouldn’t be the first time you discuss specifics. Be sure to raise this conversation early on and be clear about what your goals are for this position.
  • Do more in-depth research: go further than the initial interview research–see what the culture is like and what employees are saying on the web. It is also important to consider whether the company will be around in the next few years.
  • Be realistic about your prospects: consider what your other options might be at the time of the offer, but don’t hope for the moon. It is important to know that sometimes you may have to settle for fewer things if the position offers something else, like a stronger resume.
  • What if you really need the job: before you talk yourself into something, explore other alternatives like accepting the job for a short-term period while you look elsewhere. But remember to consider the transaction costs for you and your employer for switching jobs frequently.
  • If you decide to say no: Don’t string them along. Be sure to express your concerns and desires along the way. If you do say no, don’t blame one area, rather focus on what’s not a good fit. Remember that everyone you met in the interview process is now a potential contact in your network.

Be sure to read the full article from the Harvard Business Review, which includes 2 case studies as well: