Here at the hotline we received numerous calls about how to handle paying employees for the extra day this year–Leap Day. It is an issue that only needs to be dealt with every 4 years, which makes it a common question for many employers. Do we pay employees extra for the day, or do they get less for the week to even out the yearly salary? It is quite a conundrum, and many employers could end up addressing the issue the wrong way…by not paying you!

In this story, Daniel Schwartz of Pullman & Comley says, “The annual salary is just that, and the paychecks just reflect the portion of the year. Many employers thus get a ‘free’ day of work from exempt workers because they are not paying anything more than in non-leap years.”

What do you think? Is it fair for employers to not factor in the extra day of the year? Read the whole story here.