Two recent reports from MRINetwork (recruiting) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed statistics that show an increase in job openings over the last few months due to employee resignations. Senior vice President of MRINetwork said “As [our candidates are] seeing the economy start to rebound, [they] become more and more confident, where in the past they were just happy to have a job.” This information bodes well for our country as people become more confident that more jobs are available than there have been in the past few years.

The survey also revealed how employers are finding their candidates:

  • 11 percent said an active candidate was already in their database.
  • 12 percent said they were already in their database but were not actively seeking work.
  • 16 percent were found via direct sourcing from competitor employers.
  • 18 percent were found as a referral for the position.
  • 25 percent were found in a search of third-party databases (LinkedIn, Jigsaw, etc.) for this specific role.
  • 12 percent had responded to a job posting.
  • 6 percent cited other.

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