New York City Fair Workweek Package

On May 30, 2017, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the New York City Fair Workweek package (Int. 1387-A, Int. 1388-A, Int. 1395-A, and Int. 1396-A) into law, requiring predictable schedules and paychecks for fast food and retail workers in New York City. Under the new laws, the following protections are provided:

  • For retail employees, on-call scheduling is prohibited and employees must be provided advance notice of work schedules.
  • Consecutive work shifts are banned in fast food restaurants involving both the closing and opening of the restaurant.
  • Employers must offer work shifts to current fast food employees before hiring additional employees.
  • General provisions governing fair work practices, a requirement that fast food employers provide advance notice of work schedules to employees, and a schedule change premium when hours are changed after required notices.

The law is effective 180 days from signature (approximately November 26, 2017).

Read the New York City Council Initiatives 1387-A, 1388-A, 1395-A, 1396-A on the council’s website and about the package from the Office of the Mayor’s website.