Tomorrow, June 23, is Take Your Dog to Work Day. For some businesses, like ThinkHR, dogs are always welcome. On any given day, we have two to three pups under desks, in meetings, and sometimes scampering across conference room tables. Even though we’re accustomed to our furry friends, we’ve put extra thought and planning into tomorrow’s event to ensure it goes smoothly. We encourage you to borrow our ideas (or send us your better ones!) if you’re planning to have canine visitors in your office tomorrow.


We are planning a few structured events for our canine visitors that include:

  • Meet and greet – 10am
    Employees will make a doggie nametags for their pups and meet the other furry friends.
  • Pooch parade and photoshoot – 10:15am
    Pups will strut down the “dogwalk” and meet the staff
  • Outdoor walk—10:30am

Employees can bring their dog for a specific event or all day. This flexibility allows dogs who may not be candidates for a full day in the workplace to partake of some of the fun.

Every employee is welcome to participate, even if they didn’t bring a dog or are a cat people.

Things to Consider

We trust employees to use sound judgement in determining whether their dog is suited for this event. Nevertheless, we felt it was prudent to publish a few things to think about to help employees make good decisions.

Our list included:

  • Does your dog get along with other dogs?
  • Is your dog “chatty”? (If so, Rover might be better suited for a walk outside than time in the office.)
  • Does your dog get overly excited (squirrel!) with lots of people and other furry friends?

We also ask that all dogs be on a leash while they’re in the office.

For those who decide their dog isn’t the best candidate for the event, we have treats and gifts they can take home. And our remote employees can participate by sending photos of their dogs that we post throughout the office.

Ham It Up


We have a team of creative geniuses who plan our fun office events. This team created a wonderful variation on the ThinkHR logo for this event, baked fire hydrant dog treats, and purchased bandanas for our visitors. Dollar stores and the Dollar Spot at Target are great resources for decorations and treats that don’t stretch your budget. has put together an event toolkit with great ideas and helpful templates to make the day a success.

We’ll be sharing our Dog Day photos on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and invite you to share your with us be emailing [email protected].