Vermont Employment Law Update – July 2018


Marijuana in the Workplace

In June 2018, the Vermont Attorney General released a guide (Guide to Vermont’s Laws on Marijuana in the Workplace) to help employers understand how the state’s legalization of medical and recreational marijuana impacts the workplace. The guide:

  • Discusses how Vermont’s marijuana laws interact with other workplace protections, such as legal protections for individuals with disabilities.
  • Addresses both Vermont’s recreational and medical marijuana laws, as well as the interplay of those laws with existing employment laws.
  • Explains Vermont’s employee drug-testing laws, the legal requirements for employee drug testing, and employee rights under the drug-testing laws.
  • Analyzes the interplay between Vermont and federal law because the use, sale, or possession of marijuana continues to be illegal under federal law.

Recreation use of marijuana is legal in Vermont effective July 1, 2018. The medicinal use of marijuana was legalized in 2004.

See the guide