Is AI going to replace the HR function? Let’s face it – many things that happen in businesses are pretty damn similar – whether the business is next door to yours, down the block or beyond. From compliance and benefits, to leaves of absence and handbooks, there are only so many issues that arise. So, of course, this must be perfect for AI.

But here’s the rub. If we buy into the idea that we can count on AI to simply serve up the right answer, we’re headed for trouble. If a pure AI solution gets you the right answer 95% of the time, that’s amazing, right? Not so fast. Consider this: If an HR department that answers 20 HR compliance questions per week, that’s one wrong answer every five days. And what if the team gets 20 questions per day? What a mess that would be. HR professionals and owners know that the stakes are extremely high when it comes to getting accurate answers to employment and compliance questions. Trust and confidence is key to making decisions that allow execs and managers (as well as HR people) to sleep at night.

Don’t get me wrong – AI will eventually change the game for every industry (IDC predicts the market for AI will grow from $8 billion in 2016 to $47 billion by 2020, impacting all business practices across almost every industry). Like in other industries, from self-driving cars in automotive to tumor diagnosis in healthcare, 95% of accuracy in HR isn’t going to cut it.

AI will change the game and ThinkHR will be at the forefront. HR is driven by the demand for trusted answers. AI should be a tool for HR professionals to quickly find quality information and allow them to evaluate possible answers, accuracy, and applicability to their situation. And we believe the way to do it is by keeping real, live, knowledgeable and responsive HR professionals in the driver’s seat – where they’ve always been.

ThinkHR is working on ways to innovate, optimize, and improve the way HR departments solve problems using AI and machine learning. Combining the power of hundreds of thousands of HR questions answered with the right attitude and rigor, I’m confident that we will thrive in helping the HR industry by leveraging AI for maximum impact. The net result will be happier employees, safer companies and more time for HR professionals to focus on people – who are, after all, the key asset to any great company.