March is a month known for a lack in worker productivity for a number of reasons. First, daylight savings time starts, meaning a loss of one hour. Many workers complain about the lack of sleep and darkness in the morning. Research also shows that productivity reduces as more workers become distracted and tired due to the time change. The second reason for loss in productivity is March Madness. The first two days of the men’s college basketball competition (which starts today) are the most competitive of the whole competition. Reports show that workers can spend up to 90 minutes on average following the basketball games.One report says “while John Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, said the slacking off wouldn’t bring the economy down, he did estimate it could cost employers about $175 million in the first two full days of the basketball tournament.”

If you see your workers slacking off over the next few weeks, now you know why. See the original story here: