14 workers at a law firm in Florida were fired last Friday for wearing orange colored shirts. There may have been more unexplained background to this story, but it is still quite a controversial reason to get fired. Stories report that the employees wanted to match their outfits for a happy hour that night, but management wasn’t having it. The story from Life Inc. quotes on of the workers: “’We decided to wear orange,’ said Janice Doble, a terminated employee and a lover of all things orange. On Friday, she said, management at the law firm told her and the other workers that their fashion choice was considered threatening and they were all being fired as a result. ‘I think it was an excuse to fire all these people,’ she maintained.” Unfortunately for these workers, Florida has few laws to protect employees when it comes to fashion choice, and is an at-will work state, which means employers can fire you for whatever reason, except for when discriminating against a particular group.


It will be interesting to see the final fate for these employees. Read the original story at Life Inc.: