Your Holiday Party: 4 Tips for Organizing a Fun, Risk-Free Celebration

The air feels brisk, the days shorter, and the heater in the office is on full blast. One thing is clear: the winter holidays are approaching, and with it, the long anticipated annual holiday party. Holiday parties are a great opportunity to shape a positive culture, encourage employee bonding, and boost company morale. As such, it is still important to follow a few steps to ensure that the festivities don’t breach company etiquette. Check out these four tips for keeping up the holiday cheer while still hosting a safe, risk free celebration.


Tip #1 Go offsite

Hosting your holiday party at an offsite location is a smart idea. Your employees will be thankful for the change in setting, but keep in mind that this could alter insurance liabilities for your company, especially when it comes to third party alcohol and injury policies.

Holiday Party 1


Tip #2 Feed your guests

Especially if you’re serving alcohol at your holiday party, it’s best to keep the food aplenty. Serving a complete dinner menu will keep bellies full and the alcohol intake under control. We also suggest some post-dinner snacking. Perhaps with something that involves lots of chocolate  – no one can refuse chocolate!

Holiday Party 2


Tip #3 Get creative

Setting up a photo booth with holiday themed props is a great way to capture employee camaraderie while also providing a small keepsake from the night. For the creatively enthused, you can set up some arts and crafts stations – have employees cut their own paper snowflakes, decorate gingerbread cookies, or play a round of holiday themed jeopardy! These fun activities will inspire a little creativity and teamwork, while also keeping shenanigans at bay.

Holiday Party 3


Tip #4 Get everyone home safely

When the festivities come to a close, make sure that your employees get home safe and sound. While employers aren’t required to provide rides, this is a best practice for avoiding accidents and employee liability. Whether it’s hiring cabs or ordering ride shares on the house, you’ll be risk and worry free in knowing that everyone has a ride home.

Holiday Party 4

If you’re curious about more formal policies surrounding holiday parties, check out our Holiday Party post.