How do EFMLA and EPSL relate to each other, especially in regard to caring for children?


The expanded Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA (EFMLA) and emergency paid sick leave (EPSL) both cover caring for children whose school or place of care is closed because of COVID-19. EFMLA can be taken for up to 12 weeks, but the first 10 days are unpaid.

Employees can choose to use EPSL to get paid during the first 10 days of unpaid EFMLA; in this case, EPSL and EFMLA are running “concurrently.” If an employee uses EPSL for a non-childcare reason first, or wants to save it for later in case of illness, they would still have 12 weeks of EFMLA available for use and the leaves would not be used concurrently.