For Partners

Here’s an easy way to increase your value in the eyes of clients and prospects – without increasing your workload, staff or overhead: Enhance your service offering with ThinkHR and increase client loyalty while winning more business.

Every employer, large or small, needs access to HR knowledge and expertise to comply with workplace regulations, avoid litigation, and get the best work from employees. ThinkHR delivers it on demand. On your behalf.

We set the bar in the HR solutions industry. Count on us to make you a hero. Simply connect us with your clients and we’ll do the rest.

How You Benefit

  • Improve client loyalty and retention with a high-value, high-quality service that saves them money and time
  • Gain a competitive differentiator to drive new business wins, faster
  • Increase and deepen client engagement with custom-branded HR content, delivered automatically to your clients, keeping your brand front and center
  • Scale up your business without adding labor – we do the work, you take the credit
  • Significantly reduce the amount of staff time spent answering your clients HR inquiries – we have the answers they need
  • Receive regular reports of your clients’ ThinkHR usage to help drive adoption and demonstrate your strong value


650+ leading insurance brokers count on ThinkHR for their clients.

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Benefits Brokers

Win and grow business by delivering HR and training solutions and services that your clients need, value and trust. It’s a cost-effective way to add significant value to your relationships. Count on us to help you protect your clients against HR compliance risks.

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Property & Casualty Broker

True risk management includes sound HR practices. Help your clients manage and mitigate employment-related risk. Give them access to our HR knowledge solutions, live expertise and comprehensive employee training platform.

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Payroll Providers

Stand out from the pack in an increasingly crowded and competitive field. Differentiate your services with high-quality, high-value HR knowledge solutions from ThinkHR.

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Professional Associations

Strengthen member loyalty by offering a comprehensive HR knowledge and training solution. Trade and professional associations nationwide partner with ThinkHR to enhance their value to their membership and create new revenue opportunities.

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