ThinkHR’s Innovative New Solutions
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new products and services that ThinkHR plans to launch?
  • Employee Handbook Builder Elite – an upgrade designed for employers with employees located in more than one state and/or those that require a Spanish language version of their handbook.
  • Employee Handbook Builder Elite Plus – engages a ThinkHR consultant who will work directly with the employer to build and maintain an employee handbook.
  • Training courses – more catalogs that are industry specific, plus specialty courses like Microsoft suite.
  • Custom training course upload capability.
  • Plus, more is in the making! (If you have any ideas, please let us know!)
How do I remain in control regarding which products are made available to my clients?

When a new product or service becomes available, you will receive an email announcement with all the details, including a description of the offering, pricing, and commentary about why we built it. (Hint: We build products based on feedback from employer groups and the brokers we service.) Once you receive the notification, you will have a period of time to ask questions, get more information, or request to opt out of the offering before the new product or service goes live. Once it’s live, you can change your mind at any time by notifying your Customer Success representative, who will adjust settings.

How will my clients find out about a product or service?

If the product is “on,” you and your client will see in-product messaging. For example, if your client is building a handbook, they might see a button for a Spanish option. Once they click the button, they will learn more about the premium upgrade, including pricing and purchase information. In addition, if the upgraded product is relevant to a webinar or newsletter, we may make mention of it in those vehicles as appropriate. We promise to never spam or bombard your clients with solicitations.

Is it mandatory to participate in this offering?

No, but we hope you will at least consider it because the products and services we are launching have been requested by brokers and/or employer groups and they are complementary offerings to the core ThinkHR services you already sponsor. Every time a new product or service is released, you will receive an email asking if you want the product to be made available to your clients.

Why is ThinkHR charging for these new products and not giving them to me as part of my current fee structure?

Thanks to partners like you, ThinkHR has grown substantially over the last several years as our HR solutions drive significant value to you and your clients. While we remain focused on developing solutions that your clients are asking for, we cannot expect partners like you to keep paying for everything your clients need. There may be situations where you want to sponsor some innovations for your most valued clients, or as leverage to bring on new clients. We leave you in total control: The valuable HR knowledge solutions we bring to market can be configured to be sponsored by you, offered as a buy-up to your clients, or any combination right down to the client level.

Does this affect the services I already have with ThinkHR?

No. The products you have in place today will not be impacted. This new product offering simply allows even more products to be made available, upon your approval.

What if I have an HR team who provides the same service (i.e., handbook consulting)?

Again, you will always be able to choose if a particular product is made available to your clients or not. If you determine something isn’t the perfect fit, no problem. Just say the word and we will adjust the system so your clients will not see the option to purchase the product.

If one of my clients purchases an upgraded product, must they sign a separate agreement with ThinkHR?

Yes, each product or service will have a simple, but separate, service agreement specific to the item purchased.

What if my client purchases an upgraded product and then I terminate my relationship with ThinkHR in the future?

Our loyalty has been and will remain with the broker; however, we will still honor any in-force service agreements. If you discontinue ThinkHR services, anyone who has purchased an upgraded or premium product will continue to have access for the remainder of their contract period. All other ThinkHR services (Live, Comply, Learn, etc.) will no longer be available once the broker’s contract ends.

What if a client leaves my agency and they are paying for an upgraded product?

Just like today, if your client leaves your agency, you will turn off their ThinkHR services. Employers that have purchased an upgraded or premium product will continue to have access for the remainder of their contract period. Once the broker removes the employer from their ThinkHR system, additional services (Live, Comply, Learn, etc.) will no longer be available.

What is the cost?

Pricing is based on individual product offerings and will be made available with the announcement of each new product or service.

Are all new products developed and owned by ThinkHR?

Yes, so you can count on us to continue to deliver products that are backed by ThinkHR’s trusted brand.

Do I receive a commission on additional purchases made by my clients?

At this time, we do not have a referral or commission program. Instead, we decided to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest price points possible and paying a commission would have required us to raise our prices. We may revisit this in the future if it is important to our broker partners.

Does ThinkHR plan to offer insurance products, benefit administration, or human resource information systems (HRIS) in the future?

No. We fill a niche in what we already do in the marketplace and we intend to keep it that way. We will never compete with our brokers or enter your business. Similarly, we will look to develop products that are HR-centric and will complement and enhance the offerings already available.

What do I need to do now?

Nothing, except let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Inquiries may be directed to Bryan Kleppe, VP of Business Development. [email protected]