Employee Handbook Builder Elite
Frequently Asked Questions for Clients

What is Employee Handbook Builder Elite?

ThinkHR's Employee Handbook Builder Elite (Elite) is an optional upgrade to the Employee Handbook Builder available with your current ThinkHR subscription.

How does Elite differ from the employee handbook builder that I have access to today?

Elite is ideal if you have employees in multiple states or need a Spanish language version of your employee handbook. Elite allows users to create one comprehensive handbook that includes federal policies and policies for any and all states where your employees reside. Elite also allows single-click conversion to Spanish.

How do users manage changes or updates to federal and state policies?

We make it easy. All fifty (50) state and federal updates are managed from one page, and each update is easily applied to the relevant handbook section with the click of a button. This feature is a huge timesaver, especially considering the extensive legal changes that have occurred over the last year.

Is Elite required to build a multistate handbook?

No. ThinkHR's current Employee Handbook Builder allows users to create one federal + one state handbook, then create further individual handbooks for each state. Users then must combine all documents into one. To ensure compliance, each state handbook must be monitored for updates, regenerated, and then amended into the master handbook; a tedious and time-consuming process. Elite was designed to make this process considerably easier (see question just above).

Can custom policies be added to Elite?

Yes. Users have the ability to incorporate unique company policies such as bringing pets to work or accessing onsite amenities. Adding custom policies is easy with Elite.

Is there a charge for the Elite upgrade?

Yes. Elite is an optional fee-based upgrade.

How do I sign up for or speak to someone about the Elite Handbook?

Easy—speak with your Customer Success manager or call (925) 998-6761 and ask for Paul.

Can the Spanish-language conversion feature be purchased separate from the multistate option?

No. Both features are included in the Elite upgrade.

Is this a one-time fee or an ongoing subscription?

It's an ongoing annual subscription. You'd sign an agreement with ThinkHR directly and commit to one (1) year of Elite, with the option to cancel or continue for an additional year. The effort to maintain all of the multiple state and federal updates can take many hours each month. The cost to constantly convert Handbook updates to Spanish is expensive. Plus, we'll be rolling out new enhancements to Elite over the next year and beyond.

Is Elite compliant at both the federal and state level?

All federal and state policies are compliant as written. ThinkHR cannot guarantee compliance of modified language or custom policies. We recommend reviewing revised policies with legal counsel.

Is there a full-service option available if I don't want to create my own handbook?

Yes. Employee Handbook Builder Elite Plus is a fee-for-service option that connects you with a ThinkHR handbook specialist to create and maintain your employee handbook.

What happens if I pay for Elite and then leave my current broker who sponsors my ThinkHR subscription?

Employers that have purchased Elite will maintain access to Comply only for the remainder of your contract period. Access to other ThinkHR products (Live, Learn, etc.) will cease once your company is removed from your broker's ThinkHR account. ThinkHR will offer a direct contract, at full retail cost, to you upon expiration of your Elite contract.

Are future enhancements planned for Elite?

Yes. We are continuously adding features to our products. New options such as e-signature are expected by year end with e-commerce capabilities and additional controls to follow. Some enhancements may be optional and require a fee.