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Responding to Anonymous Complaints: Dos and Don’ts

Aug 6, 2020
If you receive an anonymous complaint, it is important to remain calm and review the complaint objectively regardless of how egregious the accusations may seem. Although the complaint was received anonymously, the company still has an obligation to take action, if necessary, to ensure that employees are provided a workplace…
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5 Employee Handbook Mistakes to Avoid

May 4, 2018
Gary Wheeler, partner at Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP, a well-respected national employment law firm and legal partner to ThinkHR, explains five mistakes he sees frequently in his clients’ employee handbooks. It’s too long, inconsistent, or redundant. Like with your house, when you live with an employee handbook for…
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How to Create a Culture of Inclusion

Aug 15, 2019
Learn Why a Commitment to Diversity Reduces the Risk of Discrimination Claims and Increases Engagement Organizations that value a culture of inclusion do a better job of cultivating belonging, and therefore make room for diversity in the workplace. They are also less likely to experience claims of harassment or discrimination. …
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Oregon Employment Law Update – August 2017

Aug 28, 2017
Overtime and Undue Hardship Exemption On August 8, 2017, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed legislation (H.B. 3458) directing mill, factory or manufacturing employers to pay greater of daily or weekly overtime when an employee is eligible for both in same workweek. The law also: Applies the undue hardship period exemption (the…
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Ask the Experts: Building a Company’s First Handbook

Mar 27, 2017
Question: We are a growing company and this will be our first employee handbook. What types of policies do we need to consider as we put our handbook together? Answer: While handbooks are not required by law, they are a great tool for educating employees as to what is expected…
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Feb 27, 2019
Did you hear the news? We've merged with MammothHR! People Risk Management the tools and guidance businesses needto prepare for and manage day-to-day people risks More More than 300,000 businesses benefit from ThinkHR's end-to-end People Risk Management solution. The Essential Toolkit Content Access to up-to-date and accurate compliance content to…
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Before you fire that political extremist . . .

Aug 28, 2017
The following is a blog post published by Robin Shea, partner in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina law office of ThinkHR partner Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP. If you’re a private sector employer, you can generally fire an at-will employee for his or her political beliefs or expression. The First…
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4 Proven Tips to Improve Office Safety

Dec 11, 2019
Recent horrific acts of violence have brokers asking themselves, “How can I help my clients protect themselves and their employees?” and “What can I do to make my clients’ workplaces safer?” When is the last time you asked your clients about their workplace safety policies? Have you asked them to…
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What We’re Reading — November 2019

Nov 27, 2019
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at ThinkHR. Start your extra-long weekend off with eight curated stories that caught our attention this month.   The Office Pet Pet-friendly offices are an increasingly common perk, but the benefits may go deeper, according to a new study that found that animals in…
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EEOC Retaliation Guidance, Part 1: You gotta be “protected”!

Feb 1, 2016
By Robin Shea, Winston-Salem office of Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued last week a proposed Enforcement Guidance on Retaliation and Related Issues that would update guidance issued in 1998. If you’re an in-house attorney or a Human Resources professional, I recommend that you read the…
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Politics Aside

Nov 15, 2016
Whatever your feelings about the election outcome, the presidential race is over and it’s time to get back to business. And whether you realize it or not, because your workforce is comprised of humans, there are feelings and emotions — maybe not on the surface, but underlying — that may…
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People Risk Management Solution

Oct 27, 2018
People Risk Management Solution Helping employers  manage risk before, during, and after it is exposed. More Managing People Risk   And its 3 Critical Components People risk is inevitable.  ThinkHR recognizes the significant risks centered around an organization's people so we introduced a comprehensive, end-to-end people risk management solution. People…
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