Payroll Service Bureaus

How are you leveraging HR?


ThinkHR enables your clients to

  • Access HR experts via phone or online for fast and effective workforce and compliance solutions.
  • Leverage our award-winning ThinkHR Comply to build handbooks, research state and federal compliance information and stay current on trending HR tropics.
  • Deploy a comprehensive online training solution for their entire workforce to minimize exposure and increase productivity.

With ThinkHR, you will

  • Drive revenue through co-branded HR and compliance solutions.
  • Deepen customer loyalty through a high touch HR solution with detailed usage reporting.
  • Compete with the national payroll companies by offering a complete HR solution.

What our partners are saying

"ThinkHR is an important value-added service that helps us introduce Payroll Vault to the local business community and allows us to stay competitive with large national payroll vendors."

- Malvina Messler, VP, Business Development, Payroll Vault

"ThinkHR fills a void for our clients, providing them with a comprehensive solution for their complex HR needs. It has also proven to be a great upselling opportunity among our current clients and a new revenue source for potential clients."

- Steve Jackson, SVP Strategic Development & Channel Sales, PrimePay

"The ThinkHR hotline is a remarkable service. The positive feedback we hear from our customers after calling the HR hotline is unquestionably positive and a great reflection on PeopleStrategy as an organization."

- Carl Miserendino, SVP Business Development, PeopleStrategy

"ThinkHR is undoubtedly generating more revenue than our previous offering, and considering how much more my clients get from ThinkHR, they’re paying less for the value received."

- Joshua Robinson, President, Checkmate Workforce Management Solutions

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