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Quickly and seamlessly create all-inclusive multi-state employee
handbooks and stay current with federal and state policy updates.

Communicate, Educate and Protect

Meet compliance and legal requirements by creating a customized, all-in-one handbook covering federal and state policies for all your employees with our advanced Handbook Builder.

ThinkHR’s Handbook Builder

Multi-State Builder Saves Time, Money and Hassle

  • Provides policies and language for employers to quickly and easily create a comprehensive handbook for multi-state workforces.
  • The system prompts you for the number of employees, generating appropriate policies specific to your company.
  • Reduces the risk of mistakes and eliminates the time it once took to create separate handbooks for each state.
  • Saves money once spent sending multiple copies through lawyers for review.

Live Team Support for Advice on Best Practices and Compliance

  • Our HR experts — senior level, PHR-, SPHR-, and SHRM-certified professionals with national and state-level expertise — are ready to help solve even the most complex HR issues.
  • Have one of our Live Support Team experts simplify and talk you through complicated legal jargon.

Automatic Updates for All States Saves Time and Money

  • Keeps your handbook up to date with automatic state and federal update notifications.
  • Eliminates the hassle of monitoring every state for updates, determining which ones apply, and updating multiple handbooks.
  • Detailed alerts tell you if you’re missing information or need to confirm something before moving forward, ensuring you update every regulation necessary for your organization. Accept or reject alerts and move on.
  • Saves money once spent sending multiple copies through lawyers for review.

Customizable for Control and Flexibility

  • Edit content to reflect your organization’s policies and terminology (e.g., “Hospital” rather than “Company,” “Associate” rather than “Employee,” etc.).
  • Share access to the handbook with other HR team members so you can collaboratively create, review and edit.*
  • Add customized content and policies for full control and flexibility.*
  • Employers can upload their own logo.*

Lawyer Approved Content Ensures Compliance

  • Federal and state-by-state compliance information is created and regularly updated with input from a leading employment law firm.
  • Notifications alert you to compliance and best-practices related content updates.
  • Employers can upload their logo for a customized handbook and submit for review by a leading employment law firm.*


*Premium feature: Contact us to learn more and to see a demo.

More than 20,000 companies are using Multi-State Handbook Builder to respond to their customers

“A primary benefit of ThinkHR is that they know the regulations, they know the laws and they can easily translate that information into actionable, practical information for users.”

Decreased response time by over 50%
  • Improved customer satisfaction by 30%
  • 70% reduction in median response time
  • Increased qualified leads by 27%

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