Tell Us

Create a culture of communication and trust by identifying and addressing workplace issues early.

Screenshot of ThinkHR's New anonymous reporting product called Tell Us

Identify Issues and Take Action

Tell Us provides employees a simple and secure way to anonymously report anything they believe warrants an employer’s attention. It features a portal that makes it easy to receive, review, and resolve reports before they become serious problems.

Streamlined Incident Management

Beyond an early warning system, Tell Us also provides a platform to document, track, and follow up with issues as they arise. In combination with ThinkHR’s people management solutions, Tell Us can help build a stronger culture of trust in the workplace.

Tell Us Features

Accurate Documentation

View, manage, and track employee reports — ensuring documentation is available for regulatory or anti-harassment governance, all within an anonymous framework.

A Comprehensive Solution

Integration with the full suite of ThinkHR solutions brings your incident reporting, compliance training, policy management and compliance requirements and Live Advisors under a single platform.

Simple Employee Access

Through a dedicated company portal, employees can safely and anonymously submit reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and monitor progress.

Meet Standards

Tell Us enables an effective, consistent compliance program to align with workplace requirements, regulatory standards, and anti-harassment laws.

70% of employees

who have experienced harassment in the workplace don’t report it.

Source: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission