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You have plenty of things to worry about when you run a business. Let us take two big ones off your plate: HR and compliance issues.

Large company? ThinkHR is your HR team’s personal advisor. Smaller?  We are your company’s full-service HR department. We study HR issues to provide you with what you need to be compliant every day with complex and ever changing employment regulations.

Feel confident about the handbook you provide your employees? What about job descriptions? Confused about employee classification? You’re not exempt. (We may be bad at puns but we’re great with compliance.) ThinkHR can help. Our tools and checklists make complex tasks easier and keep you out of hot water.

Compliance is more than answering questions. We’ll help you build and retain a more engaged, motivated and productive workforce. Count on us to help you optimize your most important asset–your people.

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More ways you benefit

 Avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with HR laws and regulations.

  • Reduce your employment-related liability and legal risks.
  • Stay apprised of ever-changing labor laws and employment regulations, like the ACA.
  • Foster a positive work environment and higher morale with proven HR practices to recruit, manage, train and retain the best employees.

More than 110,000 employers nationwide benefit from ThinkHR solutions.