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Labor Law Posters Updated On April 19, 2018, Wyoming Workforce Services updated its packet of the following required labor law posters: Health and Safety Protection on the Job. State Minimum Wage. Unemployment Insurance. Workers’ Rights. Workers’ Compensation Act. Notices must be conspicuously posted in each workplace in Wyoming. See the packet

Unemployment Poster Updated In March 2018, the Missouri Division of Employment Security updated its mandatory unemployment insurance benefits poster, Notice to Workers Concerning Unemployment Benefits. Employers are required to display this poster informing employees of key provisions in the law. See the poster

Question: We are a non-union company. Do we need to post the new National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) poster? Answer: No. Most private employers do not have to post this notice. Generally only federal contractors and subcontractors are currently required to display this poster. In 2013, two federal courts struck down a ruling from the…