Ohio Employment Law Update – November 2018


Data Breach and Cybersecurity

On August 2, 2018, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed legislation (S.B. 220) creating a cybersecurity program affirmative defense to a tort against a covered entity because of a data breach, if the entity is accused of failing to implement reasonable information security controls and the entity has a cybersecurity program that meets the act’s requirements. The law provides related definitions, specifies that transactions recorded by blockchain technology are permitted under the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, and redefines a key employee in the state’s Casino Law.

The law is effective November 2, 2018.

Read OH S.B. 220

Distracted Driving

On July 30, 2018, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed legislation (H.B. 95) amending the law for distracted drivers. The law revives provisions that define what it means to be a distracted driver and clarifies the acceptable uses of handheld electronic wireless communications devices. Additionally, the law now imposes an enhanced penalty of up to $100 for committing a moving violation while distracted if the distraction is a contributing factor to the commission of the violation.

The law became effective July 30, 2018.

Read OH H.B. 95