Question: We noticed our current Form I-9 has an expiration date in the upper right corner of 03/31/16. Are there new forms with an updated expiration date?

Answer: The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has not issued a new Form I-9 with a later expiration date; therefore, the current I-9 with the 03/31/16 expiration date is still effective and should continue to be used. The USCIS advises that to determine whether you are using the correct version of Form I-9, look at the revision date printed on the bottom left corner of the form, and not the expiration date printed at the top of the form. Currently, only forms showing “Rev. 03/08/13 N” are valid.

Continue to use the current Form I-9 and check the following link frequently to see when a new one is issued: