With ThinkHR Benefit Compliance Suite our broker partners are not only more confident about fulfilling their clients’ compliance needs, they’re winning new business.

A large regional broker in Pennsylvania is finding value in providing benefits plan documents to their clients. “We want to make sure our clients are 100% compliant, so having the ThinkHR Benefits Compliance Suite as an affordable option is really great. In addition, we will use it as a selling tool to bolster the other services we provide as a broker consultant, making us a one-stop shop,” says Susan, who works directly with clients and the producers at the agency.

PFS Insurance uses the Benefits Compliance Suite as a differentiation tool against their competitors.

“The Benefits Compliance Suite has brought a tremendous amount of value to our clients,” says Marilyn Harvey, Program Manager at PFS Insurance. “When we go up against competitors and tell them we offer ThinkHR and its compliance tools at no charge, we can win the business.”

While Suesanne Gibson, Principal at Gibson Group, chooses not to use the Benefits Compliance Suite as a sales or marketing tool, she does use it as a client retention solution. “This allows me to service my existing clients as a value-added tool,” she says.

Gibson doesn’t outsource plan documentation, so she sees increased value in her services being centralized. “I’m that kind of hands-on broker,” she says. “Anything I can personally provide will be much more beneficial to my clients.”

Learn more about how with ThinkHR you can generate compliant plan documents and non-discrimination tests to help you win and retain more business.