From the Hotline: Documentation for Bonding Leave

Question: When an employee requests child bonding leave for an adoption, what documentation can the employer require for verification? Are there different requirements for out-of-country adoptions?

Answer: In general, there is no specific documentation required for bonding leave when adopting a child. However, employers can require an employee to provide some form of certification when requesting leave for adoption to ensure that the bonding leave occurs within the first year of the adoption. The type of documentation requested will be up to the employer. For example, documentation certified by the courts highlighting legal adoption status could be proof of adoption for leave approval purposes. Another option is any paperwork from the agency assisting the adoptive parents, as long as the date that the child is placed with the parents is included. The paperwork can be faxed or emailed if the parents are out of the country. The employer will need to be consistent in requesting documentation from all employees who request bonding leave for adoption, regardless of the location of the adoption.