Question: With a paid time off (PTO) program, do we need to track hours for sick use when an employee goes on medical leave? What is the best method using Quickbooks to illustrate PTO on the check stub?

Answer: When utilizing paid time off (PTO), all sick and vacation hours are allocated to one bucket and no longer require administration of how the time is utilized for either sick or vacation purposes. This type of benefit permits flexibility for the employee to utilize accrued/granted leave time to refresh and recover as may be needed. There is no need to determine how or why it is being utilized, so long as it is accrued and not being abused in any other way.

Depending upon the Quickbooks version being utilized, you may or may not have a payroll module that permits this function to print on the check. Ensure that the accrual is calculated correctly and is debiting and crediting the PTO balance. Another administratively cumbersome workaround may be to provide a paper statement to the employees if you do not have a function in your version that can properly manage this process for your company.