Getting Real Value Out of Client Tools and Services

Having great “value add” tools and actually using them to make a difference for your clients is pretty straight forward. That said, too many agency owners and producers default to a position that goes something like this: “I spent money on these value-add tools, but now I am done. All I have to do now is wait to see my investment increase sales and impact retention.”

Getting real, bottom-line value out of the services and tools you offer to your clients does not just happen by itself. It’s just like the effort you put into differentiating your agency and successfully rolling out a new service offering, it takes work. Any broker that’s been around has seen the “buy, throw and hope” strategy fail (I was certainly guilty of this in my broker days), yet there are some who keep trying. And that’s a waste of their investment as well as a missed opportunity to strengthen and expand their client relationships.

We decided to create this new blog to share what we’ve learned in our years in the insurance industry around the things that are important to every broker: driving sales and improving retention. We also want to include other voices in the conversation. We’ll have experts from various industries sharing their expertise in prospecting, leadership, management, technology, and many other topics directly affecting your business growth and success every day. We’ll also be featuring timely commentaries and best practices on how to use ThinkHR’s products and solutions to win and retain more business.

ThinkHR has more than 600 partners all across the USA.  In that group are some of the most innovative entrepreneurs I’ve ever met  So our belief is that if we help get our partners’ wheels turning, they will improve their growth and overall business results using all of the expert, trusted HR knowledge-driven solutions and tools that ThinkHR offers. Ultimately, it’s about enabling our partners to produce more sales and keeping client relationships healthy and growing.

I invite you to check back to this page often. I will keep blogging about my business-building recommendations and strategies,  and occasionally will comment on other issues affecting today’s brokerage industry and your clients, too.  I am hoping this will become a two-way conversation so please don’t hesitate to comment and share this blog with your friends and colleagues.  We are all on a journey to create businesses of which we can be proud; businesses that solve problems for others, and of course, that generate revenue, profit and ultimately, stakeholder value.

How do you see value from your tools? Share your strategy in the comments below!

About Pete Yozzo

Pete is the founder of ThinkHR and has served as Chief Executive Officer since the company's inception in 2004. Pete founded ThinkHR after recognizing that the advantages of outsourcing in the IT industry would also benefit the HR industry and present significant business opportunities.