Michael Haberman of Omega HR Solutions posted a great blog recently about three steps to prevent sexual harassment issues. Those steps were:

1. With any new employee emphasize, in their introduction and orientation, the company’s harassment policy. Make it clear to them how and to whom they should report harassment, and that they are also protected from retaliation from reporting the claim.

2. Be aware of what is occurring with new employees. Pay extra special attention to the relationships and interactions the new employee is engaging in. Be alert to early signs of trouble, such as quickly arising attendance problems.

3. Immediately investigate any reports of harassment. Document the results of your investigations and take corrective action as needed.

All of these are great tips, but we wanted to add an important 4th step that will be very useful in preventing sexual harassment:

4. Maintain diligent and continuous training of the organizations leaders and supervisors.


It is important to remember that our leader’s actions and examples help shape our companies. By being aware and in the know, they will help make the environment better for everyone.