This webinar was recorded on April 14. Since this webinar was recorded, the DOL has changed its guidance on the use of PTO during EFMLA. The DOL is now advising that once the unpaid 10 days of EFMLA are over, employers can require an employee to use up any available paid time off, such as vacation or personal time (but not sick leave) and can claim a $200 or 2/3 credit against it (whichever is smaller). Once the employee runs out of paid time off, the employer must continue to pay the smaller of $200 or 2/3 until EFMLA ends. We’re proud to be a resource for you during this time and encourage you to check our online resources frequently for any additional updates.

Employers are facing unprecedented challenges navigating COVID-19. Over the past several weeks, ThinkHR has fielded thousands of questions from small and mid-sized organizations across the country struggling to meet these challenges.

In this webinar, Kara Govro, Senior Legal Editor, addresses our most common HR questions relating to COVID-19.

During this informational webinar, Kara will also share resources and best practices on topics including work-from-home policies, FMLA and PTO.