Employee Handbook Builder

Now with both federal and state employment policies for all 50 states.

A good employee handbook is an essential HR best practice, not only to educate employees on company policies, but also to help protect the company from liability in an employment dispute. Yet producing an employee handbook can consume a lot of time and resources, while running the risk of misinformation or omissions, putting the company at risk of liability.

Developed in collaboration with one of the country’s leading employment law firms, the ThinkHR Employee Handbook Builder:

  • Helps ensure compliance with both state and federal regulations and protect the company
  • Minimizes the company’s risk of employment liability with clearly communicated, regulatory compliant policies
  • Reduces the strain on HR staff with pre-developed content, step-by-step instructions, expert commentary and online support
  • Is fully editable for customization to a company’s unique policies and culture