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People Risk Management Challenges
ThinkHR’s People Risk Management solution gives employers access to technology, content, and Live Advisors to address an array of challenges.
35 Critical HR Processes
Access to accurate and reliable content, tools, and live support helps employers mitigate people risks and achieve business goals.

Industry Value Reports

Financial Services Financial Services Industry Value Report
Financial service businesses save an average of $30,500 annually with People Risk Management.
Manufacturing Manufacturing Industry Value Report
Manufacturing businesses save an average of $33,000 annually with People Risk Management.
Technology Technology Industry Value Report
Technology businesses save an average of $43,500 annually with People Risk Management.


Live Advisors in Action Live Advisor Q&A
Examples of the type of guidance employers need to prepare for and manage day-to-day people risk.

White Papers & Case Studies

ProSciento ProSciento-ThinkHR_Employee_Training
Through their insurance broker, ProSciento has access to ThinkHR Learn’s extensive library of training courses and content they need to keep their organization compliant. With Learn, ProSciento is able to train its workforce on the most up-to-date state-specific training requirements.
Alltrust Alltrust Case Study
People Risk Management is helping Alltrust's clients, such as the Straz Center for Performing Arts, train their employees, solve human resources issues, develop efficiencies, and save money.
Cottingham & Butler Cottingham and Butler Case Study
Over a three year period, ThinkHR's People Risk Management solution has generated thousands of valuable client interactions for Cottingham & Butler clients, as well as positive client feedback.

Product Datasheets

Workplace Safety Workplace-Safety-Product-Datasheet
Safety-based courses ranging from personal safety to hazardous waste to prevent workplace risks and maintain reporting compliance.
Workplace Harassment Prevention Workplace-Harassment-Prevention-Product-Datasheet
The state-mandated courses plus the critical tools and expertise to help businesses manage and mitigate workplace harassment.
People Risk Management People Risk Management Datasheet
People risk is inevitable and reducing it is no small feat given the array of potential risks, changing legislation, and the need for expertise.
Living Handbook Living Handbook Datasheet
A Living Handbook connects advanced technology, authoritative content, and seasoned HR experts.
Live Live-Product-Datasheet
When content and technology just won’t solve a difficult situation or the subject matter surpasses an HR team’s experience.
Learn Learn-Product-Datasheet
Broad array of training solutions for both proactive and reactive risk management, for both employees and management.
Insight Insight Datasheet
Steady stream of need-to-know information confronting the risk and compliance realities accompanying the employment of people.
Comply Comply Datasheet
Fully-integrated content combining expert analysis of employment laws and regulations, best practices, and high impact delivery.
Benefits Document Creator Benefits Document Creator Datasheet
Take control of required plan documents while Live Advisors help identify risks of non-compliance.