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“This Week in Employment Law” Quiz

Mar 9, 2018
Are you in the know? Find out with this quiz by Robin Shea, partner with leading national labor and employment law firm (and ThinkHR strategic employment law partner) Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP. In R.G. and G.R., the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit found in favor of the Equal…
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What We’re Reading March

Mar 22, 2019
The knowledge experts at ThinkHR comb the web for interesting and actionable curated content (the four-leaf clovers, if you enjoy a seasonal cliché) so you don’t have to. Here are some of the stories that caught our eye this month. The Pros and Cons of Unlimited PTO Unlimited PTO is…
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The Advantages of Skill-Based Training

Feb 5, 2020
Often, when employers hear about on-the-job training, the training pertains either to general knowledge or to policies and procedures that are unique to the company. Skill-based training is somewhat different — it focuses on how to do something specific and results in a learned skill that can be put to…
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2020 Vision on Compliance

Nov 1, 2019
Employment Law 2019 Review and 2020 Preview Over the past year, there have been many developments on the employment law front, such as: The number of workers nationwide who need to receive anti-harassment training jumped to 20 percent. Marijuana legalization continued its spread to include medical and/or recreational use in…
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How Conducting Exit Interviews Can Help You Increase Retention

May 11, 2021
The exit interview is a conversation with a departing employee about their time at the company and the reason for their departure. It’s completely optional, but some employers conduct them to learn about workplace issues that may be costing them good employees. Exit interviews can shine a light on toxic…
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What We’re Reading April

Apr 24, 2019
We comb the web for interesting and actionable people risk management articles so you don’t have to. Here are some of the stories that caught our eye this month. EEOC FY 2018 Stats In fiscal year 2018, the EEOC secured $505 million for victims of discrimination. The agency handled over…
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May 3, 2019
Insight Reliable knowledge when businesses need it. More Insightful guidance for managing people risks Insight offers a steady stream of need-to-know information that confronts the risk and compliance realities accompanying an employer's biggest investment -- their people. Insight's Key Features Law Alerts ThinkHR’s legal editors track hundreds of pieces of…
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Workplace Violence Is More Common Than You Think

May 8, 2018
High-profile shootings like last month’s incident at YouTube’s headquarters dominate the news, but workplace violence is much more common than most people realize. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that every year, nearly two million U.S. workers are victims of workplace violence. According to the most recent Bureau…
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What We’re Reading this April

Apr 18, 2018
At ThinkHR, knowledge makes us tick. We are always on the lookout for the latest workplace and human resources news, trends, research, and law. Here are some of the stories that caught our eye this month. Work is Killing Us Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer’s new book, Dying for Paycheck, offers…
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Set New Employees up for Success

Apr 6, 2016
A whopping 46% of new hires fail and are let go within 18 months of being hired. The blame doesn't always fall on employees. In fact, more often than not, it probably points to employers, which means there's risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit. Check out a few tips to…
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What We’re Reading — May 2019

May 17, 2019
At ThinkHR, knowledge makes us tick, so we keep up with the latest people risk management news and information and share it with you. Check out 10 of the stories that jumped out at us this month. DOL Issues Guidance on Gig Workers The U.S. Department of Labor ruled that…
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Spring and Summer Company Parties, Here We Come!

Apr 8, 2016
The sun is shining. The snow is melting. Flowers are in full bloom. It's springtime! And it's the time of year that many employers have company gatherings like team dinners, picnics or barbecues. While company parties help build camaraderie, coalesce teams and increase employee satisfaction, these events pose risks. Here…
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