Makes creating benefits documents
fun and easy.

Benefits Documents Creator

ThinkHR’s combination of innovative technology, unlimited on-demand support, and compliant content makes it easy to create ERISA-mandated Wrap, POP, and SPD documents and avoid the risk of penalties.

Benefits Document Creator is packed with features

  • Customizable compliant Wrap, POP, and SPDs
  • Wizard interface to create documents within minutes
  • Compliance monitoring with electronic updates
  • Document storage for seven years
  • Dedicated support team available to answer your questions
  • No maximums so you can create as many documents as you need

Non-compliance can be costly

As employers struggle to keep up with the regulatory changes impacting their group health plans, they expose themselves to significant risks of statutory penalties and legal fees. Benefits Document Creator allows employers to take control of their plan responsibilities and protect themselves from the risks of non-compliance by creating, maintaining, and storing benefits documentation they need to both educate their employees about plan offerings and respond to Department of Labor audits.

Compliance advisor support

Get the high quality human interaction you have come to expect from ThinkHR. Our dedicated support team is there when you need them.

Benefits Document Creator makes it easy to create fully compliant plan documents with an easy-to-use wizard and access to expert help through a dedicated support line staffed with benefits complianceadvisors.

Benefits Document Creator Features

Comprehensive, Customizable, and Compliant

Content is monitored, reviewed, and approved by attorneys at Marathas Barrow Weatherhead Lent, LLP, well-known ERISA compliance specialists. An intuitive interface makes it easy to customize documents to mirror your benefits offerings, and there is no limit to the number of documents you can create.

Live Support

Dedicated benefits experts are standing by to take your questions and share their expertise to take the guesswork out of creating benefits compliance documents.

Policy Updates

Language is updated when regulations change to keep Wrap, POP, and SPD documents up-to-date, accurate, and compliant.

Easy Administration

Electronic acceptance expedites and simplifies administration, and centralized, secure, long-term storage retains ERISA plan documents in preparation of an unexpected audit.

2020 ERISA penalties

for failure to produce documentation have risen to $159 per day, up to $1,594 per request.