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ThinkHR Comply gives you access to thousands of up-to-date tools, documents, checklists, and forms, as well as the latest news and information that support best practices in compliance for any type or size organization.

ThinkHR Comply: Tools for Fellow Compliance Nerds

Employee Handbook Builder

State and federal laws piling up? Employees losing touch with your culture? We’ve got you covered. Use our powerful tool to create a pre-populated fully editable handbook that assures communication of your most important values and compliance in all 50 states.

Employee Classification Toolkits

Full-time? Overtime eligible? Independent contractor? Our tools help you classify and document each worker’s status for compliance and payroll tax purposes.

Job Description Builder

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Our tools let you easily create engaging job descriptions that attract the right candidates.

Performance Review Tools

Save everyone countless hours with well-designed review tools. Properly crafted reviews yield meaningful, fair, and productive reviews for both employer and employee.

Q&A Database

We talk to thousands of employers every year. So chances are good we have solved your problem before. Easily access the right answer in our robust database.

ThinkHR Comply: Popular Guides and Checklists

HR Audit Checklist

Use our proven guides to quickly assess HR compliance risks.

Hiring and Termination Guidelines

Years of experience have enabled us to give you the help you need to handle sensitive situations in the most compliant and expedient manner while reducing legal risks.

White Papers and Webinar Library

For both strategic planning or immediate HR issues, it’s comforting to have expert guidance at hand for any compliance or HR related issues.

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