Workplace Harassment Prevention

Access to new and existing mandated training courses and best practices.

300,000+ EMPLOYEES are required to train on
sexual harassment and discrimination in 2019

Workplace Harassment Prevention gives employers access to sexual harassment prevention content, including policies and training courses for managers and employees that adhere to the unique requirements mandated by each state as well as best practices for updating policies and procedures, reporting incidents, and following up on complaints within each state they operate.

Mandated Courses

State and local harassment prevention training courses that meet or exceed each law’s minimum standards.

Live Support

Access to Live Advisors provides clarity and action items to help prepare, respond, and reduce risks associated with workplace harassment.

Future Proof

Course library expands as new state legislation is passed, enabling employers to scale their corporate-wide training efforts.

Fully Compliant

Mandated training courses strictly adhere to the unique requirements imposed by each state so there is no misunderstanding regarding expected behavior.


Employees complete quizzes and submit questions to a live support team during online training to provide an added layer of prevention.


Certificates of completion and employee tracking provide the legal documentation employers need in the event an issue should arise.

Prevention resources such as How to Conduct a Thorough Harassment Investigation provide employers peace of mind by preparing them for worst case scenarios.