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A Broker’s Guide to Workplace Harassment Prevention Training

As you know, harassment prevention training mandates are now in effect in California, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, and Maine. This is a great opportunity to add value with clients and prospects who are struggling to understand and meet the new mandates.Watch our webinar recording if you want to get fluent on the new mandates so you can speak with your clients and prospects about them. During the webinar, Preston Clark, an attorney and compliance training expert, shared strategies on how to leverage the new mandates in sales meetings, and how to address common client questions related to the new mandates. Preston also announced how you can leverage ThinkHR to help your clients meet the new mandates.


Top 5 Steps to Mitigate Workplace Sex Discrimination and Harassment

Sexual harassment remains a hot topic following a series of high-profile public accusations against individuals in the entertainment, business, and political arenas that led to the #MeToo movement. Courts and legislatures across the country have been scrambling to quickly address these issues, leading to an ever-changing landscape of state and local laws, federal agency rules, and high court rulings seeking to reduce harm from discrimination and harassment. The cascading effect across industries has caused employers to ask what they can do to make sure they aren’t in tomorrow’s headlines. The ThinkHR team reveals the costliest mistakes companies can make when it comes to sex discrimination and harassment, and what management can do to reduce the risk of making those mistakes.


Why Employers Need Updated ERISA and IRS Benefit Plan Documents

Join ERISA attorney Stacy Barrow of Marathas Barrow Weatherhead Lent LLP and ThinkHR Legal Editor Nicole Quinn-Gato as they reveal the common myths and misconceptions companies have about plan document compliance under ERISA, how plan information must be communicated to employees, and the need for a written cafeteria plan document.


For Brokers: Win Big by Using ThinkHR Throughout the Client Lifecycle

The best brokers offer services that support clients throughout their entire lifecycle—prospecting to renewal and referral. We’ll show you how in this on-demand webinar.


Using ThinkHR at Discovery to Close Deals

With ThinkHR, brokers excel at the pitch and the close, cutting through the noise with straight answers around differentiation and savings that have immediate impact to an employer’s bottom line. ThinkHR staff and partner Russ Blakely show how in this on-demand webinar.


For Brokers: Case Study: How UNICO Generates Revenue with ThinkHR

Interested in generating a new revenue stream? Carl Zeutzius, Risk Advisor at UNICO Group, and ThinkHR’s Bryan Kleppe provide insights on how UNICO uses ThinkHR as part of their agency growth and client retention strategy.