Time & Date: November 4, 2020 at 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Audience: Employer

Just this year, ThinkHR’s Live Advisors have answered over 90,000 of your HR and compliance questions.  

Join Bethany Lopusnak, HR Advisor, as she addresses employers’ top 9 most asked questions of 2020, including: 

  • What do we do if an employee is refusing to come back to work? 
  • How should we respond to an employee who posts offensive commentary on their social media?  
  • What do we do if an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19? 

Bethany will also provide best practices to navigate complex workplace issues heading into the new year. 

"The Top 9 Hr Questions in 2020" Cover Photo. Includes illustration of a woman asking a question and the ThinkHR with Mammoth Logo.